Write Your Novel! Win a VIP Day with Your Personal Book Coach – Ends: 10/30/2023

Are you sitting on a treasure trove of ideas but can’t put them into words? Or maybe you’ve started a manuscript but are stuck at a tricky plot point? The solution awaits you! Win a VIP Book Coaching Day and let your literary dreams soar!

What’s Included?
A personalized 1:1 voxxer/messenger day (of your choice) to ask any questions you want.

Transform Your Ideas Into a Manuscript
“Unleash Your Story: VIP Day Experience!”

1:1 Voxxer/Messenger Day: Grill us with all your bookish queries.
Turn Ideas into an Epic: Your VIP day lets you—
Quiz them on any burning book questions for expert advice.
Discuss the bones of your story—plot, characters, and big ideas.
Conquer writing roadblocks with tailored strategies.
Talk publishing options, bringing your masterpiece to readers.
Unleash AI magic for supercharged writing!
Final Q&A: Clear up lingering questions.
Wrap-up session to recap the day’s work and outline next steps.