Top 20+ Websites To Promote A Giveaway For Maximum Traffic


Ever wonder where the best websites are to promote your giveaway? If you’re planning on hosting a contest or sweepstakes, then it’s important to know how to attract lots of users to it. Fortunately, there’s a lot of sites that actually promote giveaways! All you have to do is list your giveaway on their site, then they’ll handle the rest.

Are some sweepstakes sites better than others?

Not all promotion sites are created the same, so it’s important to know which one’s are worth your time. You’ll find similar lists like mine, but most of them are out of date or provide links to garbage sites. Lucky for you, I know the sweepstakes game inside and out and have learned first hand which sites work and which don’t. I’ve listed my favorite sites that have helped me out in the past and can certainly do the same for you. There’s both free and paid options – depending on your goals and budget, you have to decide which ones are best for you. While paid options always yield better results, there’s plenty of free options that do very well. I’ve listed all of them below!

▸ Giveaway Play

Giveaway Play is one of the newer sites that’s gaining popularity fast! They have a huge fan base with extremely high engagement. The thing that makes them different from any other promotion site is that they have absolutely no ads. Users don’t like ads, so by removing them, the site engagement is exponentially higher – which means more click throughs to your giveaway. Giveaway Play has among the highest entries per listing and it’s definitely worth your time!

▸ Submit your giveaway to Giveaway Play.

▸ Giveaway Frenzy

Giveaway Frenzy is a one-stop shop. What makes them unique is that they will promote your giveaway on all of the top giveaway/sweepstakes websites and social media groups out there. They say that is over 130 places they submit to. They offer 3 different promotion services with the one I mentioned currently priced at $79.99. That is not a bad price to get your giveaway on all of those sites plus it saves you hours of work, too!

▸ Submit your giveaway to Giveaway Frenzy.

▸ SweepstakesBible

This website has been around for over 10 years which shows how good their services are.  They offer free and paid promotion services to their audience: 9,700+ followers on the Facebook page, 50,000+ users for Website and App push notifications and a newsletter list of 19,000+ used for E-mail Blasts.  It is certainly worth your time to visit them and check out their services.

▸ Submit your giveaway to SweepstakesBible.

▸ True Sweepstakes

True Sweepstakes is quickly gaining notoriety for the high amount of referrals they send. They boast a massive newsletter list along with high user engagement. They tend to be on the higher end of cost for a paid promotion, but it’s well worth every penny. You can expect to get a big bang for your buck. I always submit to them when I want to get the most traffic possible to a giveaway. If you’re serious about maximum entries, then True Sweepstakes is a good choice! Note: they also have a free option that will still send you some referrals.

▸ Submit your giveaway to True Sweepstakes.

▸ SweepsAdvantage

SweepsAdvantage is a staple in the sweepstakes community. They’ve been around since 2000 and have always been one of the biggest sites around. They recently updated their posting policy to make it a flat $10 per month for unlimited listings. Even if you’re on a budget, though, $10 isn’t a lot and it’s definitely worth it. You can always expect to get a lot of click throughs from them.

▸ Submit your giveaway to SweepsAdvantage.

▸ Win A Sweepstakes

This is an excellent site with a huge newsletter list and good social media presence. They’re a popular site to do paid promotions starting at $29.95. They’re promotion length ranges from 1 week a whole year and is well worth the investment. If you get approved on this site, you’ll be get sure to get extremely high traffic. Definitely worth your time!

▸ Submit your giveaway to Win A Sweepstakes.

▸ Sweeties Sweeps

Sweeties Sweeps is another one of the top 5 sites around. They have both free and paid listings. The promoted posts cost $50 and will ensure you get VERY high traffic – it stays on the homepage  for 1 week. The free listing will get good traffic too, but sometimes it’s tough to get approved. They get LOTS of submissions, so they’re not able to approve them all. This is a very high quality giveaway promotion site that will be sure to get you traffic if approved.

▸ Submit your giveaway to Sweeties Sweeps.

▸ Contest Girl

Contest Girl is very popular amongst both US and Canada users. Most of their traffic is organic, but they do have a weekly newsletter. The free listing is their most popular method of posting, however they do offer a week long promotion for $50. You have to directly email them and pay VIA PayPal (there’s no pay now button). The free option will be sure to get you good traffic, but the paid option will definitely make a difference.

▸ Submit your giveaway to Contest Girl.

▸ Giveaway Promote

Giveaway Promote is an excellent site to gain exposure. Their a paid promotion site, but it’s only $5. I highly recommend paying $5 for the basic listing fee then doing an add-on of $10 for the week long promotion (total $15). It’s a low amount to pay for what you get. You’ll be sure to get very solid traffic every time. They’re a proven site that operates very efficiently with predictable results. It’s definitely worth the investment.

▸ Submit your giveaway to Giveaway Promote.

▸ Infinite Sweeps

Infinite Sweeps has a very large database with a highly engaged audience. While the theme looks dated, they have a high Alexa ranking around 100,000. They have a free listing option as well as a $40 promotion.

▸ Submit your giveaway to Infinite Sweeps.

▸ Giveaway Monkey

Giveaway Monkey is a medium to large sized promotion site that will yield pretty solid traffic. They have both free listings as well as reasonably priced promotions that range from $5 to $30. I’d recommend the paid option because you’ll be on the homepage, newsletter, and social media.

▸ Submit your giveaway to Giveaway Monkey.

▸ Win Prizes Online

Win Prizes Online is a very old listing site that gets good traffic and ranks well in Google. Last I checked they only have paid listings. In my experience they yielded fairly good results, but may have not been worth the money. You’ll be sure to get some decent traffic, but it just depends if you want to shell out the money.

▸ Submit your giveaway to Win Prizes Online.

▸ I Love Giveaways

I Love Giveaways is a medium to large sized giveaway site that only has free listings. Their submission form is quick and straightforward. You’ll get a low to medium amount of traffic, but it won’t waste your money or time!

▸ Submit your giveaway to I Love Giveaways.

▸ Contest Canada

Contest Canada is a pretty good sized giveaway site that focuses on Canadian users. They have both free and paid options that range from $35 – $95. While I haven’t tried the paid promotion, I was pretty happy with the free option. It’s a quick form and is easy to use.

▸ Submit your giveaway to Contest Canada.

▸ The Prize Finder

The Prize Finder is great site (if not the best) for UK users. If you’re located in the UK or doing a world wide giveaway that this site is a must. They rank around 100,000 on Alexa and have a massive user base. The free listing option has yielded good results in my experience. I haven’t tried the paid version, but I’m sure it does very well.

▸ Submit your giveaway to The Prize Finder.

UPDATE 2018: The Prize Finder has been experiencing server problems the last few months. If they don’t fix this issue soon, we’ll remove them from our list.

▸ Contest Listing

Contest Listing is a medium sized promotion site that will get low to medium traffic for you. They offer both free and paid listings.

▸ Submit your giveaway to Contest Listing.


Reddit has two excellent subreddits that yield moderate traffic. That best part about them, though, is that it’s free and takes 15 seconds to setup. It’s worth it every time to post to them. Here’s the subreddits:

Submit your giveaway to: ▸ /r/giveaways.

Submit your giveaway to: ▸ /r/sweepstakes.

▸ Slick Deals

Slick Deals has a great forum to post giveaways to. They’re pretty tough to get approved, but if you do, expect very good traffic. They have very strict rules on getting approved: it must be linked to the site hosting the giveaway, it has to be a very good prize, you have to format to their guidelines. Be sure to examine a couple of live giveaways to see how they formatted it.

▸ Submit your giveaway to Slick Deals.

▸ Simply Contests

Simply Contests is a contest site devoted to bringing you easy-to-enter online sweepstakes, giveaways, contests and freebies!

▸ Enter to win prizes at Simply Contests.

I’ve personally tried promoting giveaways on every single site listed above and can vouch for all of them. Good luck running your giveaway and I hope this helps bring you lots of entrants!