11 Best Sweepstakes Sites To Win Free Prizes Online

Best Sweepstakes Sites

If you love winning free prizes online, then you’re in luck. I know some of the best sweepstakes sites that give you the highest chances of winning. My goal is to not only provide you with a list of the most reputable sites, but also help you determine which ones are for you.

Which sweepstakes site is right for you?

Not all sweepstakes sites are the same. Some focus on small blog giveaways while other focus on huge prizes. The bottom line is that each type has it’s pros and cons. Blog giveaways tend be smaller prizes, but they always have fewer entries which gives you a better chance at winning. The huge sweepstakes have prizes like free cars and massive amounts of cash, but there could be hundreds of thousands of entrants which make it much more difficult to win. So which one is better? The answer is neither. I recommend entering sweepstakes the same way you would  balance a portfolio. Diversify and increase your chances at winning. You can win multiple small giveaways while still giving yourself a chance at going for the grand slam on the big ones.

Below is a list of what I consider to be the best 11+ sweepstakes sites online. You should try each one out and determine which ones suit you the best. Enjoy!

PS. There are more than 11 here, because I found other awesome sites I just had to share.

Note: if you’re hosting a giveaway and are looking for the best places to promote it, please refer to this list: Top 20 Websites To Promote A Giveaway For Maximum Traffic.


ultracontest is one of the best sweepstakes sites. They feature high quality sweepstakes from reputable U.S. based companies. There are hundreds of opportunities to win money, vacations, cars, and so much more. They have beautiful graphics, feature a user-friendly format, and offer cutting-edge tech that makes it easy to enter. They’ve been around since 2011 and are passionate about helping people win!

▸ Giveaway Frenzy

One of the most popular sites in the giveaway world, these guys have been around for quite a while. Since they allow both free and paid sweepstakes submissions, there is always a great variety of prizes to be won – big and small. You’ll want to look on both the home page and the Latest Contests pages to see them all – these are updated every single day.  The site is clean and easy to use giving you options to search by country, value and giveaway type.

▸ Enter to win prizes at Giveaway Frenzy.

▸ Giveaway Play

Did you know that you’re visiting Giveaway Play right now?! Here’s the reason I think we’re the best giveaway site online: there’s very few ads. I understand how frustrating ads can be when trying to enter giveaways. They can be in the way, they slow down the site, and sometimes you might even think you’re entering the giveaway when you’re actually clicking on an ad. Giveaway play is incredibly easy to navigate, has tons of new prizes added daily, and only have legitimate / tested giveaways. You’ll only find high quality giveaways and won’t waste any of your time.

▸ Enter to win prizes at Giveaway Play.

▸ True Sweepstakes

True Sweepstakes is a fast growing giveaway site on the market! They’re super sleek with a grid layout and large images for each giveaway; which makes it easy and fun to sort through prizes. You can also filter by prize category, entry limit/frequency, and country eligibility. They tend to offer bigger prizes/sweepstakes, but also have a large assortment of blog giveaways. True Sweepstakes is a great choice to find high carefully vetted / high quality prizes.

▸ Enter to win prizes at True Sweepstakes.

▸ Sweeps Advantage

These guys have been around since 2000 and are a staple in the sweepstakes world. Anyone who regularly enters sweepstakes knows about them and can tell you they’re among the best. Sweeps Advantage has TONS of new giveaways added daily all from high quality sources. The thing I like the most about them is how easy it is to navigate their site. But the only downside is that there’s no images. Either way, you’ll find lots of prizes from all different categories and will be sure to have a good experience.

▸ Enter to win prizes at Sweeps Advantage.

▸ Giveaway Promote

I know Bridgette from Giveaway Promote and can tell you that she’s super nice and takes pride in her site 🙂 They mostly focus on blog giveaways with a few big sweepstakes. You’ll find a lot of small to medium sized prizes hosted by smaller websites. As mentioned before, the good thing about blog giveaways is that there tends to be lower entries which increases your chances at winning. I really like this site and I’m sure you will too.

▸ Enter to win prizes at Giveaway Promote.

▸ Contest Girl

Contest Girl is simple and straight to the point. They typically have over 1,000 US sweepstakes and 500 Canadian sweepstakes at any given time. One of the good things is that there isn’t an individual page you have to click on for each giveaway. You can just scroll through the pagination and enter the giveaway directly from there. They have a complete mix of big sweepstakes and small to medium sized blog giveaways. You’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for here.

▸ Enter to win prizes at Contest Girl.

▸ Sweeties Sweeps

Wendy from Sweeties Sweeps has been in the game for a long time. In fact, she appeared on the Tyra Banks show in 2007 to talk about the benefits of entering online sweepstakes! The thing I like about her site is that all of the giveaways are carefully vetted to ensure 100% legitimacy. Each listing has a long detailed description of the rules and eligibility. Their site is easy to navigate and has a lot of filter options to narrow down your search. There’s also a paid version of the site called Sweeties Secret Sweeps. This is where you become part of an exclusive club with access to premium sweeps.

▸ Enter to win prizes at Sweeties Sweeps.

▸ Win A Sweepstakes

This is one of my favorite sites to find lots of new sweepstakes added daily. They have a good mix between both blog giveaways and big sweepstakes. If you prefer the smaller prizes with lower entries (* and a better chance to win), then scroll to their blog giveaways section. If you want the bigger prizes then just scroll through the homepage. One of the things I really like about their site is how well organized it is. You can search by category, age limit, location, eligibility, expiring sweepstakes, and popularity. It’s very user friendly and intuitive to use.

▸ Enter to win prizes at Win A Sweepstakes.

▸ Online-Sweepstakes

This site has been around forever and by far ranks the best on Google. If you’ve ever searched for something like “best online sweepstakes”, you’ll probably have landed on their website. It has a very old school look, but is extremely easy to navigate and is well organized. They have all the giveaways categorized by day so you can easily view newly added giveaways. There’s typically anywhere from 30 – 100+ new giveaways added daily. Their similar to Contest Girl in the fact that they don’t have individual landing pages for each giveaway. All you have to do is scroll through the pagination and you can enter directly from there. A lot of people prefer this method because there a lot less clicking / navigating around the site. In addition to the sweepstakes directory, they have the most popular user forum online with thousands of active members and over a million posts. This is a good place to read about people experiences entering sweepstakes and share you own. You’re sure to find as many if not more giveaways than any other site.

▸ Enter to win prizes at Online-Sweepstakes.

▸ The Balance (formally About.com Contests)

This is by far the best place to find big sweepstakes with huge prizes! If you want to go straight to prizes like cars, million dollar cash prizes, and all expenses paid vacation, then this is the place for you. It’s super fun scrolling through their prizes because they’re all so extravagant! You’ll be sure to have a good time on this site!

▸ Enter to win prizes at The Balance.

▸ The Prize Finder

This site is without a doubt the best for United Kingdom residents. I know this might not apply to a lot of readers here, but I thought it would be good to put this on the list. In addition to UK only giveaways, there’s a lot of World Wide giveaways too (open to everyone). If you’re from the UK or want to see WW giveaways, be sure to check them out!

▸ Enter to win prizes at The Prize Finder.

▸ Reddit

You should have guessed that there would be a subreddit for giveaways! Reddit has something for everyone after all. I really like the simplicity their setup. They just show the prize name, end date and eligibility. It’s just text links one after another with no images. I like how easy it is to navigate and that there’s TONS of newly added prizes throughout the day. Also, they have moderators to ensure there’s little to no spam.

▸ Enter to win prizes at /r/giveaways.

▸ Enter to win prizes at /r/sweepstakes.

▸ Slick Deals

This is another great place for big sweepstakes. One of the good parts about their site is that it’s rigorously moderated – which means you won’t find any spam. They take it VERY seriously over there to ensure only high quality giveaways get posted. It’s setup like a classic V-Bulliten forum and is self explanatory to navigate.

▸ Enter to win prizes at Slick Deals.

▸ Sweepstakes Bible

This website attracts a ton of visitors. They receive over 1 million page views per month and have 50k+ total users. From their website:

SweepstakesBible lists latest free sweepstakes, contests and giveaways. Enter the best online community to win cash, gifts and other dream prizes. We update the site daily and add new sweepstakes all the time.

▸ Enter to win prizes at Sweepstakes Bible.

Simply Contests

Simply Contests is a contest site devoted to bringing you easy to enter online sweepstakes, giveaways, contests and freebies!

▸ Enter to win prizes at Simply Contests.


I hope this list helps you on your conquest to finding great giveaways online and ultimately winning lots of cool prizes! I’ve personally used every site listed above and endorse them all. They range from small blog giveaway directories to huge sweepstakes sites with a mix of all types of prizes. I hope you check them all out so you can find which ones are best suited for you! Happy sweeping!