Win $200 Off a 13-Day Adventure Yoga Retreat – Ends: 10/28/2022

Join Mike on this 13-Day Adventure Yoga Retreat! A meditation specialist and body expert from years spent in SouthEast Asia meditating in Buddhist Monasteries and practicing yoga throughout India! Also a practicing life coach completing the life-changing 300 day Optimize Coach program.

Develop your very own meditation and yoga practice on this 13-day inner and outer adventure in Colombia. Learn how to view your life through the lens of your ultimate potential. Explore tropical forests along mountainside rivers and swim in the waterfalls we find along the way.

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A key purpose of this retreat is to bring revenue and support to the amazing people I have met there. More than half of all revenue from this retreat is given to the local people helping to provide amazing, life altering, experiences for all of you.

I fell in love with their friendly, joyful, laidback, welcoming energy and I know you will too!