50 Baby Gate Giveaway Event

CIAYS is still UNDER ATTACK! Since our brand got listed on Amazon. We have notified Amazon multiple times on this matter with gradual actions regarding the “Fake Negative Reviews”. We have also reached out to the head of the customer service but with slight success. CIAYS has also contacted Amazon in China to try to stop these review attacks, likewise with slow improvement on this matter, though a few of the fake reviews did get removed.
We would like to host a “50 BABY GATE Giveaway Event” to prove that our products are help at high, safe, and healthy quality!!!
How To Enter? ????
❤ Step 1. Share the post of (Part 1) and @Amazon. (Url: https://bit.ly/3wJsDIt)
❤ Step 2. Tag friends in the comment of this post. (1 tag = 1 entry).