$150 Dance Giveaway

Doing a giveaway ???????? for my upcoming single “Strings Attached”, I want to give some love back to y’all for the support!

I will give away $150 dollars, each lucky winners will get $50.

To enter:
1.✨ Must follow me @lajankid & @ambitiousiconsmusic
2.✨Must share a video of yourself joining the “Strings Attached” Challenge and tag me! ✨ (link below on how to get the sound)
3.✨Like and share 3 of my recent post
4.✨Tag 3 friends and comment done ✅

+ To Find the sound to the song challenge Go to reels on my profile and click on the video title “string Attached” sound ✨

The Giveaway will end on 12/24/2021
The winner will be choosen on live at 7:00 pm and notified by me ???? !

Good luck everyone!! ???????????? #giveaway #spotifywrapped2021 #giveawaycontest #newmusic #newchallenge #unsignedartist