New Career Coach $50 Amazon Giveaway

$50 Amazon E-Gift Card – I’m running a giveaway to promote the launch of my career coaching service.

I’ve spent years helping people with their careers via free career mentoring.
After much experience and knowledge gained, I’m launching a full-fledged career coaching service.
I can’t wait to build up a roster of motivated and ambitious clients excited about taking the next step in their careers.
There are a few key career goals I specialize in such as:
• Get back in the workforce (moms, resume gaps)
• Find a job (unemployed, laid off, COVID-19)
• Get a better job (unhappy, wants change)
• Get a promotion (ready for more, new challenges)
• Get a raise (earn your worth, more responsibility)
The reason my methods are so effective is that I address the root issue of why people fail to achieve their goals:
• Lack of motivation
• Poor planning
• Self-doubt
• Obstacles
• Fear of failure
• Distractions
All these limiting factors can be offset with a few core principles I’ve build my service around.
These include clarity, accountability, and action. The most important of these being accountability. If we can be successful in keeping you accountable to yourself and the goal all the roadblocks and limitations fall to the wayside.
The way my program works is simple. We have a clear-cut process for each of the specific career goals we help clients with. Here is an example roadmap for someone who wants to pursue a better job:
• Identify your job target(s)
• Prepare your candidate profile
• Design a job search strategy
• Perform a consistent search
• Deliver excellent interviews
• Negotiate a favorable job offer
Having a precise strategy and constant accountability from us will empower you to move fast and confidently towards success.