Personalized Name Necklace Giveaway ($129 value)

To celebrate opening our new store, we want to giveaway 100 free units of our personalized name necklace (WORTH $129.00).


1) Yes, it’s totally FREE .

2) As a gift. As you know, we are a new store and this is how we introducing our brand and product.

3) Be our reviewer. For a new brand like us,we need some feedback for our quality and satisfaction score.

4) AIDAN principle. We believe,every single name is unique & has their own memories, we hope our necklace can a part of your life or good memories to remember.


1) Adding cost from shipping company. To prevent coronavirus separated, the adding cost from shipping company to sanitize every product before delivery to customer.

2) Some of country have a different shipping policy. After pandemic covid-19 separated, some country is under lockdown and have limited working hour.

3) Fast and including tracking number.This is very important to us, all the product and sample must be fast and safe to arrive to your customer. If something could happen, it is easy to track the product.

” Free Gifts are available while supplies last on a first-come, first-served basis.”