$10,000 in Pick5 Stock Challenge

Congratulations! You’re now a Portfolio Manager (“PM”) in our Pick5 Stock Challenge. Here’s how the contest is played:

Each PM starts by selecting a 5-stock lineup. Once the market opens, your lineup is set for the day and cannot be changed. You can trade any of the stocks in your lineup, and trades will be executed when the market opens on the next business day.

For example: If a PM owns Pepsi and after the market opens, the PM enters a trade to sell Pepsi and buy Coke. That lineup change will occur at the market open on the next trading day, based on the opening prices for Pepsi and Coke.

How to win: Your portfolio’s performance is calculated based on percentage of gain or loss, and all picks are equally weighted. Therefore, each stock pick will account for 20% of your portfolio’s total performance.

The winners are the 3 PMs with the highest percentage gain during the contest period.

More information at https://www.pick5stocks.com/rules