Play for a Chance to Get $300,000

Enter to win a Play for a chance to win $300,000!
Get 1 FREE Daily Spin!

Conversion Point: this sweepstake/survey offer converts on a valid lead generation. The consumer must fill out the necessary information and follow through the flow, answering questions to a short survey.

Allowed Advertising Methods: Search PPC, Social PPC, Banner Display, Contextual, CPV/PPV, Email, SEO, Mobile

Restricted Advertising Methods: NO Incent, NO Classified Ads, NO Pirated Advertising, NO SMS, NO Content Locking, NO Adult Content. Absolutely NO use of the word “Free”, “Win”, “Winner” or “Won.”

Allowed Targeted Countries: United States only

Contact your Account Manager for email assets, and/or banner creatives. All email, banner creatives, and landing pages must be approved by your Account Manager prior to running.

With this offer you are able to pre-populate your landing pages. With pre-population, consumers can fill out their lead information on your landing page. Then when they click-through to the offer page their information will be dynamically pre-filled. Pre-population helps increase conversion rates as well.

Here is the pre-population string example:

Simply add this string to the end of your affiliate link, and replace the example information with dynamic tokens, which you will place on your landing page. (Notice how the spaces are replaced with the ‘+’ symbol).

Contact your Account Manager for Conversion Rates and Earning Per Clicks, or for any other inquiries regarding this offer.