one of the amazing prizes: Rolex watches, BAYC, shared pool of $25,000 – Ends: 12/13/2022

The MAXX Finance DeFi system is shaking up the status quo in DeFi – it transforms the concept of time deposits as a sustainable, entirely fair, high yield staking protocol with gamified deflationary measures, a DAO-governed vault, and a tangible utility featuring Validator node ownership.
The MAXX Finance project is driven by the community. There is no VC or third-party investor funding us.
As part of our bootstrap campaign, MAXX Supercharge Giveaway is our exclusive stage before we launch FreeClaim airdrop & Liquidity Amplifier. By entering the Giveaway form, you will receive:
⚡️The chance to win one of these amazing prizes: Rolex watches, BAYC, and a shared pool of $25,000
⚡️A guaranteed 10% reward will be given to all referred users during the FreeClaim Airdrop program
⚡️All referred users within the Liquidity Amplifier stage will receive a 5-10% reward